Bottle Drop Info

83 Juno Beach RCACS is once again doing a bottle drop fundraiser, so save up those bottles and cans.

March 18th, 2017 at South Point Bottle Depot

See the flyer for more details: Bottle Drop- website

Summer Training Choices

Good day 83!

You will find information on summer training opportunities as well as a selection sheet we would like to see back via email for anyone who has not submitted it already to Capt van Aalst or myself NLT (no later than) Jan 10th, 2017

Lt LeBlanc


Revised Chain of Command

In a military context, the chain of command is the line of authority and responsibility along which orders are passed within a military unit and between different units. Orders are transmitted down the chain of command, from a higher-ranked soldier, such as a commission officer, to lower-ranked personnel who either execute the order personally or transmit it down the chain as appropriate, until it is received by those expected to execute it. Wikipedia

Good day 83!

The revised chain of command that takes into account our recent promotions is now available on this site under About > Training > Chain of Command

This should allow everyone to know who they are responsible for and to.  If you have questions or requests talk to the person immediately above you, who will do the same all the way up the chain until you have an answer or the help you need.  For those with people below you it is your responsibility to help, guide and mentor those cadets.

83 has a track record of great cadets doing great things, both during and after their time with us.  The chain of command is just another tool we can use to make sure that everyone has access to the tools, guidance, and opportunity they need in order to succeed.

Lead On 83!

-Lt LeBlanc

Recruit and Returning Night(s) – Instructor Meeting

Good Day 83!

I am sure I can speak on behalf of all squadron staff when I say that I hope you had a safe and enjoyable summer, and for those of you who went to summer training that you successfully completed training and look forward to brining your knowledge back to your peers.  Now it is time to start looking forward to the next training year.

Our New Recruit and Returning Cadet Verification nights have been scheduled for September 12th and September 19th.

 New Recruits will need to bring:

  • Provincial Health Care Card
  • 1 piece of Government Issued ID (eg. Birth Certificate, Permanent Resident Card, Immigration Card, etc)
  • Parent to sign forms if under 18 years old
  • Desire to Learn

If you wish to fill out the application ahead of time you can find one here:

Returning Cadets

You will need to verify your existing information on forms we will have ready for you, and will need to bring a parent to sign them if you are under 18 years old.  Feel free to stick around afterwards to mingle with your peers, share stories of your summer, and welcome some new recruits.


As usual we have some work to do in order to deliver training, establish our goals for the year, and get acquainted with how the training department will be running this year.

All Level 5 and 5 Qualified cadets must attend the instructors meeting scheduled for September 13th where we will establish expectations of each other, introduce some new positions, and fill in the training calendar for the first half of the year.


I am looking forward to seeing everyone again, and am excited for the training year to start.

See you soon!

-Lt LeBlanc

Summer Training Joining Instructions

Good day all,

As the joining instruction files are too large to send via email, please check your travel itinerary or offer to see what Training Center you are going to and see the files below for your Summer Training Center information.

Please note, Vernon and Quadra are part of the PAC region file.


Cold Lake English Joining Instructions – May 2016

Gimli CFTC English Joining Instructions – May

Enjoy your summer!

-Lt LeBlanc

Summer Training Spots

We will be posting additional summer training opportunities as we find out about them.

For today we still have some General Training opportunities for new recruits.  Anyone interested should contact Capt van Aalst ASAP at

-Lt LeBlanc

FTX Followup

Good Day,

Information regarding our follow-up activity to cover missed FTX Lessons has hit the calendar.

Saturday May 21st, 0800-1600hrs

Please take note of the location which will be Bebo Grove day use area of Fish Creek (access from Woodbine), this is a new one for us, but should be convenient for all to get to.  Map is attached to the calendar and will be below as well.

This is a full day activity so lunch is provided, but make sure to dress for the weather and bring a water bottle.

An NCO-IC has not been assigned intentionally, details to follow during the opening briefing.

This should be a fun day, I am looking forward to seeing everyone bright-eyed and ready to go Saturday morning!

-Lt LeBlanc


*Cancellation* – Operation Overlord (Field Training Exercise)

Good evening 83,

Unfortunate new information has just come to our attention.  The fire ban that is still in effect at our FTX location is more severe than originally expected, and exceeds that of the fire ban that is already in place for the province.  This means our ability to provide warm and dry shelter during a weekend that has a cool/cold and wet forecast is limited.

Capt van Aalst and I have discussed all of the pertinent details, weighed them against the intent for the weekend and our available supplies, and have come to the conclusion that cancellation is the best option to ensure the safety and welfare of all.

I know that this is disappointing, and thank you for your understanding.

-Lt LeBlanc

Drill Competition Update

Good day 83!

The Lord Strathcona Trust Fund Drill Competition is this weekend!

The calendar has been updated with time and location, but the summary is as follows:

  • Cadets to arrive @ HMCS Tecumseh (address on calendar) NLT 0800hrs in appropriate civilian attire to assist with setup.
  • 83 Sqn is first of the day to compete, taking parade at 0900hrs for those who wish to spectate.
  • We will be clear of the facility by 1600hrs.
  • Lunch is provided and there are vending machines on site according to Capt. Tedford.
  • Bring a water bottle and something to keep yourself entertained throughout the day should you not wish to view the other competitors (in uniform).

Ms Brugma will be spending the day with the team, and I will be on site throughout the day assisting in the running of the competition.

Press and Polish those uniforms, and good luck!

-Lt LeBlanc

Cancellations for Monday April 25, 2016

Due to a lack of facilities and inclement weather the activities originally scheduled for tonight are cancelled.

SLC Meeting date will be identified tomorrow evening.

Drill Team Cadets, take this chance to put an extra coat or 3 on your boots and press those uniforms!

-Lt LeBlanc